Quizno's: Lobster and Seafood Sub and Salad

Contracted by Barkley to work on graphics and title treatment for a Quizno’s commercial featuring the new lobster and seafood sub and salad.


Tabletop director: Mark Kline, MK Films
Transfer: Optimus
Audio: Evolution
Art director: Chris Shults, Barkley
Copywriter: Brendan Kilcoyne
CD: Paul Corrigan
Graphics: JustinMcClure.tv
Post-Production: Substation K


  • Burn It Down - Tech N9ne
  • Title Farm
  • LogoLounge Call for Entries Book 9
  • Swipe Out Hunger
  • Tulsa Opera - Cinderella
  • Carnivale: Forbidden Garden
  • Crowdscribed