Justice Revival

Light Tabel + Transparencies = Awesome

Recently we had the opportunity to work on a project that required a lot of ingenuity and creativity on a short turn around. The project was a short promotional spot, primarily for the web, which was created for a revival held in Dallas to help promote an organization called SoJourners which strives to give back to the community by building homes for the homeless and making sure that children get the education that they need.

The inspiration for the piece came from the fact that homeless people live very transparent lives, pretty much open to the public for all to see. So, the spot was created entirely on printed transparencies and then filmed. The first thing that was needed was a make shift light table, which was crafted from what is normally a meeting table. With some simple lights from a hardware store, some tape, a trash bag and some drafting vellum we were ready to roll. The entire spot was shot on a Nikon D5000 which records 1280x720 at 24 fps. A 90mm macro lens was used to create a very nice depth of field and the entire thing was shot in camera. The only post production that was done was a little bit of color correction. Check out some behind the scenes images and the edited web spot below and be sure and head over to www.justicerevival.org to learn more about the event.


Co-Produced and Directed by: Jonathan Bostic
Contracted By: It Looks Good.
Photography credit: Trevor DeVage.


  • Burn It Down - Tech N9ne
  • Title Farm
  • LogoLounge Call for Entries Book 9
  • Swipe Out Hunger
  • Tulsa Opera - Cinderella
  • Carnivale: Forbidden Garden
  • Crowdscribed