Butler Community College "I Can"

We’ve all had those days where pretty much anything and everything goes wrong and we just feel like giving up. But when Butler Community College presented the song “I Can” by the Minnutes it became the inspiration for their newest broadcast spot. As the lyrics go “I can do anything,” we were motivated to push through and make a totally killer spot with a quick turnaround time. We combined illustrations and photo real cutouts along with footage shot on a RED camera to achieve the collage-esque look.


Behind the Scenes


Client: Butler Community College
Creative Director: Justin McClure
Director of Photography: Nick Barton
Audio: Evolution Audio
Post Production: Justin McClure Creative


  • Burn It Down - Tech N9ne
  • Title Farm
  • LogoLounge Call for Entries Book 9
  • Swipe Out Hunger
  • Tulsa Opera - Cinderella
  • Carnivale: Forbidden Garden
  • Crowdscribed