St. Luke's Hospital Campaign - Bill Weaver

We had the pleasure of working with DIGO and Vedros Motion on the inspirational campaign for Saint Luke’s Health Systems entitled "Called to Excellence." Three recovered patients share their stories of being on the brink of death and how the experienced medical staff at Saint Luke’s saved their lives using advance technologies. Many of the cinematic shots were captured on the Red camera, and we also got to work with some Phantom slow motion, as well as aerial footage. The video production took place in Kansas City and the surrounding area. 


Client: Saint Luke's Health System
Agency: DIGO
Director: Nicholas Vedros
Director of Photography: Michael Stine
Video Production: Vedros Motion
Post Production / Editing: Justin McClure Creative
Editing: Cody Smith


  • HOC - Relentless Excellence
  • Wings for Dreams - Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Citation Longitude
  • Textron Aviation Highwings - Strong All Over
  • Whole Foods Market - Responsibly Grown
  • Textron Aviation - IPL
  • Butler Community College Recruitment