Butler Community College

Butler Community College begins their Fall enrollment campaign with a mission to be Affordable. Doable. Proven. Howerton + White, an integrated marketing agency, came to us to help kick off the new campaign which consists of local radio and television commercials. The TV commercial uses transparencies to layer photographs, graphical elements and text. Smoke and rain effects were added in After Effects to support the creative and bring the message to life. 

The video production took place in our Wichita studio. Using a glass table, floodlights and vellum we were able to create the soft background for the transparencies. We ended up taking our own crash course with this project when our glass table top shattered from the heat of four industrial lights under it.



Agency: Howerton+White
Client: Butler Community College
Art Director: Craig Tomson
Creative Director: Justin McClure
Copywriter: Bob Hemrick
Video Production, Animation, Post-Production: Justin McClure Creative, Nicole Shobe


  • Burn It Down - Tech N9ne
  • Title Farm
  • LogoLounge Call for Entries Book 9
  • Swipe Out Hunger
  • Tulsa Opera - Cinderella
  • Carnivale: Forbidden Garden
  • Crowdscribed