2012 Spring Newsletter

2012 Spring Newsletter


We partnered with Numana to design, illustrate, and animate this super fun piece to promote their Swipe Out Hunger 2012 events. The animation revisits the accomplishments made in 2011, the inaugural year. Can you believe almost 600,000 meals were packaged in just one month in Kansas alone? Just imagine what can be done in three months. To learn more about how you can help save the starving visit swipeouthunger.com.


If you haven’t noticed we also love working with Syfy. We were asked to design and animate two more promos for their Original Movie series. This time we were stranded on a Mysterious Island and drank some green beers with a Leprechaun out for revenge.On February 11, Jules Vernes’ Mysterious Island premiered on Syfy and was the second Original Movie since Sharktopus to receive over 2 million viewers. Leprechaun’s Revenge premiered on Syfy on St. Patrick’s Day as part of their Leprechaun marathon. In this Syfy Original Movie an evil leprechaun is mistakenly unleashed and takes out his revenge on the descendants of those who stole his gold.


Ahoy matey! We recently worked with Barkley on graphics and title treatment for a Quizno’scommercial featuring the new lobster and seafood sub and salad. MMMMMTasty. Eye patches and peg legs optional.


We teamed up with CMT to design a show package for their new show, Swanderosa, which aired earlier this year. The reality show follows the Swan family’s ventures with their wedding and event planning business.