2010 September Newsletter

2010 September Newsletter

Kansas State University

We just finished up a spot in collaboration with Digital Brand for Kansas State University that aired nationally on ABC during the Wildcat’s season opener against UCLA. The spot was composited with all of the talent being shot on green screen and then a mixture of still photography and 3D elements to help tie it all together in post. Think you can tell what’s real and what was done in post? You can see more details about this project here and also get a more in depth look at the key steps in the animation process, from animatic to final. 

Kimberly Cole

Recording artist Kimberly Cole recently enlisted us to develop her online branding. Our objective was to create an on-line show package that captured her essences of image and style. After a few diverse rounds of creative exploration we constructed a package with custom designed 3D typeface that showcased the edginess and raw emotion of Kimberly’s music. Her music has recently been featured on Oxygen’s show “The Bad Girls Club” and you can check out more of Kimberly’s music on MySpace and follow her on Twitter.

Swamp Loggers

We had the privilege of collaborating with Art Director Amie Nguyen on Discovery Channel’s program Swamp Loggers. We were contracted to redesign and animate some of the bug promos for the show as well as creating a toolkit. The project involved quite a bit of rotoscoping, as well as compositing some sparks, mud and flying debris.


We were back working with the Syfy channel last month on the promo for their full-length feature Sharktopus. Yup, that’s right Sharktopus. We designed and animated the promo titles and logo. As you can tell by the name we had a lot of fun with this project, it was “Kickasstacular!”

Being Human was another Syfy promo we were contracted to work on recently. The project was centered around typography that would portray the three characters in a remake of the popular BBC series about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost trying to live a normal life together as humans in Boston.